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SYSTEM BEEP ----------- Version 1.3 2/11/2021 <> ABOUT ----- This program causes the server machine to beep rather than a connected client. COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'sysbeep' binary: $ make To move the 'sysbeep' binary to /bin and copy the manual page file 'sysbeep.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install By default, the program will only execute successfully for the super-user. To allow all users execute permissions to 'sysbeep' (after installed): $ make setuid To remove the object file generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binary and manual: $ make uninstall USAGE ----- After it is installed, the 'sysbeep' command will send ASCII code 7 to /dev/console, causing the server machine to beep rather than the remote client. For access to the device file, the program must be run with super-user privileges; the enclosed Makefile contains an optional 'setuid' instruction to allow any user to run 'sysbeep'.
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