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CENTAUR CHIRP ------------- Version 1.3 10/10/2020 <> ABOUT ----- Chirp generates tones through the PC speaker based on string input. Frequency and length of tones can be set on the command line. This program is based on the original 'beep' program written by Johnathan Nightingale, included in this package. COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'chirp' and 'beep' binaries: $ make To move the 'chirp' binary to /usr/bin, the 'beep' binary to /bin, and the manual page file 'chirp.7.gz to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install NOTE: 'beep' is renamed to 'tone' at this stage to avoid possible conflicting file names in /bin. This is also required for Chirp to execute. By default, both 'tone' and 'chirp' will only run for root. An optional instruction, 'setuid' has been added to the Makefile; it will change ownership of the two programs to root and add the S (setuid) flag to file permissions after they have been installed. To give all users access to 'tone' and 'chirp' once installed: $ make setuid To remove the object files generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binaries and manual: $ make uninstall COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS ----------------------- Syntax: chirp '<string>' [freq-adjustment] [length] Chirp requires at least one character for the <string> parameter. [freq-adjustment] and [length] are optional parameters to change the default sounds of the tones. Most strings should be enclosed in '' or "". Frequency Adjustment -------------------- The optional parameter [freq-adjustment] must be an integer. It raises or lowers the base frequency of tones generated for the provided string from the default frequency of 440Hz. Adjustment may be a negative number, or can be set to 0 if necessary, often when [length] will be used without adjusting the frequency. Example ------- $ chirp abcdefghijk 200 $ chirp "abcd efg hijk" -100 Length ------ The optional parameter [length] can only be provided if [freq-adjustment] is provided first (see above). The default length of each tone is 65 milliseconds. This parameter must be a positive integer, and represents the length in milliseconds of each tone. Example ------- $ chirp ABCDEF 80 100 $ chirp "ABC DEF" 0 200 The program will remain in the foreground until it is completed. It can be run in the background using '&' at the end of the command line, and will exit after all tones in <string> have been generated. If the program is suspended with ^Z, the program will freeze on whatever tone it is currently emitting until resumed or the process killed.
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