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CENTAUR TERMINAL FILE CLIENT ---------------------------- Version 1.0 1/8/2021 <> ABOUT ----- Download and read non-binary files from CTFS terminal file servers COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'ctfc' binary: $ make To move the 'ctfc' binary to /usr/bin and copy the manual page file 'ctfc.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install To remove the object files generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binary and manual: $ make uninstall COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS ----------------------- Syntax: ctfc [-H] [-d] <host> <port> <file> [output-file] [-H] - Display program syntax and options [-d] - Print output to standard output; do not download <host> must be a valid domain name or IP address. <port> must be a valid TCP port number. <file> must be a file listed in the server manifest, or '_' for the manifest itself. [output-file] can be specified to download files that exist in subdirectories without creating them on the local machine. If [output-file] is not provided, the client will attempt to write output to a file exactly matching <file>. Only one file at a time can be requested. Existing files will never be overwritten. When using '_' as <file>, the program will only display the server manifest; it can be downloaded instead by specifying 'MANIFEST'. A requested file must be referenced as it appears in the manifest, minus any remarks on the same line. If <file> is located in a subdirectory (i.e. the entry begins with './'), or is an absolute path to a file, the client will attempt to create that file according to the same directory structure as written in the manifest. If the necessary directories do not exist, they must be manually created before downloading, or the download will fail. Use the optional [output-file] parameter to set the relative or absolute path to the downloaded file when creating local directories is deemed unsuitable. The '-d' option will cause the file to be printed to the screen rather than downloaded.
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