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CENTAUR MD4 ----------- Version 1.1 12/3/2020 <> ABOUT ----- A simplified version of the MD4 checksum utility which can also generate hashes for strings. This program relies on the OpenSSL 'md4.h' header. COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'md4' binary: $ make To move the 'md4' binary to /usr/bin and copy the manual page file 'md4.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install To remove the object files generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binary and manual: $ make uninstall COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS ----------------------- Syntax: md4 <file ...> md4 [-L] <file> md4 [-f] <checksum-file> md4 [-s] '<string>' md4 [-S] '<string>' Centaur MD4 outputs the MD4 hash of specified files or string. The MD4 hash is displayed next to each file name, conforming to the common format for checksum files. When the '-L' option is used, displays only the MD4 hash of <file> and exits, without listing the file path and name. Only one file at a time can be checked in legacy mode. Centaur MD4 can process checksum files using the '-f' option. <checksum-file> must be a correctly formatted MD4 hash and file pair list. If the first line of the file is not in the correct format, the program will consider it an improper checksum file and exit. Most strings should be enclosed in '' or "". The '-S' option will display the letters of the MD4 hash of a string in upper-case (not available for checking files); otherwise the '-s' for checking strings displays the MD4 hash using lower-case letters. Examples -------- $ md4 ~/.profile -> 848ffe90927ddf9329fb68734bcd1c17 ~/.profile $ md4 -L ~/.profile -> 848ffe90927ddf9329fb68734bcd1c17 $ md4 -s 'secret words' -> 6fb4963c8b7bb1c1ed533ad528eacde1 $ md4 -S 'secret words' -> 6FB4963C8B7BB1C1ED533AD528EACDE1
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