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CENTAUR MD5 ----------- Version 2.0 11/22/2020 <> ABOUT ----- A simplified version of the MD5 checksum utility which can also generate hashes for strings. This program relies on the OpenSSL 'md5.h' header. COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'md5' binary: $ make To move the 'md5' binary to /usr/bin and copy the manual page file 'md5.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install To remove the object files generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binary and manual: $ make uninstall COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS ----------------------- Syntax: md5 <file ...> md5 [-L] <file> md5 [-s] '<string>' md5 [-S] '<string>' Centaur MD5 outputs MD5 hash information similar to the system 'md5sum' utility unless the '-L' (legacy mode) option is specified. In such case, Centaur MD5 displays only the MD5 hash of <file> and exits, without listing the file path and name. Only one file at a time can be checked in legacy mode. Most strings should be enclosed in '' or "". The '-S' option will display the letters of the MD5 hash of a string in upper-case (not available for checking files); otherwise the '-s' for checking strings displays the MD5 hash using lower-case letters. Examples -------- $ md5 ~/.profile -> d75ec9b72130e5706526d4aaafa65aa8 ~/.profile $ md5 -L ~/.profile -> d75ec9b72130e5706526d4aaafa65aa8 $ md5 -s 'secret words' -> 8f6f4f9567df74df3b717d825c16a4d1 $ md5 -S 'secret words' -> 8F6F4F9567DF74DF3B717D825C16A4D1
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