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MD5 COMPARE ----------- Version 2.0 11/25/2020 <> ABOUT ----- This program compares an MD5 hash given on the command line to the actual MD5 hash of a given file, and reports success or failure. Standard format MD5 checksum files consisting of hash and file name pairs can also be processed. This program requires the OpenSSL 'md5.h' header file, available in the 'openssl-devel' package for the system on which it will run. COMPILING & INSTALLATION ------------------------ To build the 'md5cmp' binary: $ make To move the 'md5cmp' binary to /usr/bin and copy the manual page file 'md5cmp.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7: $ make install To remove the object files generated by make: $ make clean To delete the installed binary and manual: $ make uninstall COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS ----------------------- Checking a Single File and Hash Pair ------------------------------------ Syntax: md5cmp <hash> <file> <hash> is a lower-case MD5 hash to check against that of the provided file. <file> may be a relative or absolute path to a regular file. When verification succeeds, MD5 Compare confirms the match by displaying "VERIFIED" along with the file name and MD5 hash, then exits with return value 0. If verification fails, MD5 Compare reports the failure in the same manner as described above, displaying "FAILED", and prints the correct hash on the next line, then the program exits with return value 1. If <file> does not exist or is a directory, MD5 Compare reports this, then exits with return value 1. Processing an MD5 Checksum File ------------------------------- Syntax: md5cmp [-f|--file] <checksum-file> <checksum-file> must be a valid MD5 checksum file. If the first line of <checksum-file> is not valid or the file is not found, the program will report the corresponding error and exit with return value 1. The program will print OK, FAILURE, or FILE NOT FOUND after each file name as listed in the file. Before exiting (with return value 0), the program will display the total number of files checked, total number of passed tests, and total number of failed tests, in that order. EXAMPLE USAGE ------------- $ md5cmp ee0c9c8f3814747e9582267f8d47c7d8 ~/.vimrc Output: VERIFIED /home/jon/.vimrc: ee0c9c8f3814747e9582267f8d47c7d8 $ md5cmp da297eacac0ff2f6393aef21335c4f5c ~/.vimrc Output: FAILED /home/jon/.vimrc: MD5 hash da297eacac0ff2f6393aef21335c4f5c incorrect Correct hash: ee0c9c8f3814747e9582267f8d47c7d8 $ md5cmp -f CHECKSUM.MD5 Output: color.h: OK ftype.c: OK ftype.h: OK main.c: OK Makefile: OK md5cmp.7.gz: OK md5cmp.c: OK md5cmp.h: OK README: OK 9 files processed 9 passed 0 failed
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